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Generic Nicorette: to help men who are addicted to smoking

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For many young people smoking starts as a dare or a way to rebel against the system, but what started off as a bad habit can soon turn into one of the biggest addictions in the world. Inside of every cigarette is Generic nicorette, which has been shown to be the most addictive “drug” in the world without exception. While it may not cause the immediate damage that is associated with some of the illegal drugs long-term effects can be devastating. A number of treatments including the use of Generic nicorette tablets have been created to help people overcome their addiction.

Generic nicorette replacement therapy products such as Generic nicorette tablets, Generic nicorette patch Generic nicorette and gum are designed to help the smoker overcome their addiction to the Generic nicorette they inhale with every puff on a cigarette.

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Mode of Administration and Dosage of Generic Nicorette:

  • Generic nicorette gum is one of the most successful and popular products on the market.
  • It looks and tastes much like ordinary gum but contains a set dosage of Generic nicorette in every stick, usually 2mg or 4mg.
  • Chewed for approximately 30 minutes the Generic nicorette is absorbed into the body through the mucus membrane inside the person mouth as they rest between chewing.
  • Depending on the strength of the gum a maximum of 15 to 20 sticks can be chewing in one 24 hour period.

Precautionary measures of Generic Nicorette:

  1. For those who are not only addicted to the Generic nicorette but the physical act of putting the cigarette to their lips and inhaling the Generic nicorette inhaler may be the best solution.
  2. Designed in many cases to look and feel like a real cigarette, the inhaler dispenses a fine mist each time the smoker puffs on it that contains a dose of Generic nicorette.
  3. The lining of the mouth absorbs the Generic nicorette as the user is not supposed to inhale the mist into their lungs.
  4. The inhaler has become one of the most popular methods of Generic nicorette replacement therapies.

Common Side effect of Generic Nicorette :

  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory problem
  • Dermatologic
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Trouble in the Nervous system
  • Metabolic troubles

Warning of Generic Nicorette :

  • There are also severe side effects that may occur with Generic nicorette lozenge use and may be symptoms of a Generic nicorette overdose.
  • They include severe, increased mouth watering, severe diarrhea, headache, dizziness and weakness, pale skin, irregular heartbeat, cold sweat, disturbed hearing or vision, confusion, fainting, low blood pressure and difficulty breathing.
  • Other possible severe side effects are the result of an allergic reaction, which causes hives, itching, rash, redness and/or swelling.
  • Many people who are trying to quit are turning to Generic nicorette lozenges that help control cravings and lessen withdrawal symptoms.