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Penegra 100mg tablet

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Penegra is devised medicinal drug which is introduced as a treatment of Erectile Dysfunction which is also referred to as male Impotency. Penegra is incorporated with Sildenafil citrate which is also the chief constituent of penegra that performs the main functioning.

Sildenafil citrate imparts the ability to the victim to attain required rigidity of his male reproductive organ in order to perform the session of coitus completely with pleasure ensuring satisfaction for both, him as well his partner.

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Active compound of Penegra and its Functioning:

  • Active Component:Penegra has Sildenafil citrate as its active component. Sildenafil citrate enjoys magnificent property of aiding individual in attain required rigidity of his male organ; hence, it is usually utilized in virility enhancing pills.
  • Action Mechanism:The drug starts its working by complimenting secretion of Nitric Oxide which causes penile muscles to relax and open-up, this helps in later process of penegra. Simultaneously, Sildenafil citrate which is a PDE5 inhibitor undermines the activity of PDE5 enzymes.
    PDE5 enzymes are responsible for hindering the flow of blood. By counteracting with the activity of PDE5 enzymes penegra increases the level of cGMP that helps in increasing the blood flow into the organ of copulation. Blood circulation is aided by relaxed penile muscles which allow sufficient amount of blood into the penile region. This ultimately results in stiffness of the male organ. This rigidity stays for a prolonged helping to victim to pleasurably complete the session of physical intimacy.

Mode of Administration and Dosage of Penegra:

  • Penegra is produced in tablet form allowing the victim to intake the medication through oral route of administration.
  • Penegra should be taken in strength of 100 mg pill as recommended for an average individual which should be taken at least an hour before you perform the love making activity.
  • It best to consume the penegra with a glass of water as water helps in faster dissolution of the tablet which in turn helps in better and quicker results.
  • There should be no voluntarily adjustments made to the dosage of penegra, in case you need more strength and need an increment with the dosage then consult your doctor rather than doing it by yourself. This will helps in averting any possibilities side effects.

Precautionary measures of Penegra:

  1. It is wise to avoid fatty eatable when you planning to take this medication
    Reason:According to studies and surveys it is believed that fatty food stuffs when consumed on of before Penegra may hinder the activity of this medication and may lead delayed results. Hence, to get the best of your medication it is wise to avert fatty eatables if you are planning to.
  2. It is better to not take penegra 100mg if you are allergic to any of its substance
    Reason:Penegra contains Sildenafil citrate and other ingredients; hence, it is essential to ensure that you are not allergic to any of its integrated components.
  3. Do not take grape products in combination
    Reason:It is also studied that grape product may have some reaction with the penegra which may lead to adverse health effects. Hence, it is best to avoid grape items in combination with the drug.
  4. People with organ related issues should consult their doctor before taking penegra
    Reason:Erectile dysfunction victims with chronic issues such as liver disorder, kidney diseases, heart ailments etc should first consult their doctor and ensure that taking penegra would be safe.

Common Side effect of Penegra:

Similar to other chemical based medications there are also some common side effects which are noticed incase of
  • Stomachache
  • Back ache
  • Nausea
  • Queasiness
  • Blurred Vision
  • Acutely impaired ocular abilities

Severe Side effects of Penegra:

Aforementioned are some common and temporary side effects but there are also some serious side effects which are recorded in case of Penegra consumption but seldom. Here are a few serious side effects highlighted.
  • Augmented Heart Beats
  • Stern Roseolas
  • Respiratory difficulties (Difficulty while breathing)
Note:If any of these acute or serious side effects are experienced after taking penegra tablets, it is best to meet your doctor to discuss the issues and seek medical attentions if needed.

Additional Information of Penegra:

  • Penegra 100mg is counteractive with any kind of Nitrate. Nitrate is usually included in other medication, for example, drugs that are manufactured as treatment for chest pain. Hence, it is essential to check your medication to see that it does not contain any constituent that may react with Penegra and cause physical issues.
  • It is not sure whether penegra is suitable for children and women. Hence, a better option is to keep the medicament away from the access of children and women, especially in case of pregnant women.
  • Alcohol may slow the process of this medicine and may result in delayed effects. Hence, do not consume alcohol if you have taken penegra or vice versa.
  • People who also have Peyronie’s disease should completely avoid penegra as the condition may become festered and your penile structure may get completely dysfunctional.
  • Peyronie’s disease patients are advised not to take penegra tablets as it may be painful and may damage your penile structure permanently.