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Erectile malfunction – A major men’s health problem

January 18th, 2011, Posted by Gaye Jorgensen / Comments Off on Erectile malfunction – A major men’s health problem

Erectile issue can also be referred to Erectile dysfunction which is a worrisome disorder found in men.  This physical malfunction is characterized by a man’s inability of attaining erection that is hard enough for penetration during sexual intercourse. A person afflicted with this physical issue may find it difficult to attain the stiffness of his phallus or may attain partial or incomplete rigidity. There are also possibilities that the man may attain significant rigidity of his phallus but the rigidness may turn languished in the middle of the coital activity.  Men’s health is one of the core determinants of his erectile functioning. It is studied that men with good health conditions and seldom or no physical issues usually has appropriate erectile functioning.

Any abnormalities related to nerves, arteries, hormones etc may cause such erectile issues as erectile functioning is a complex phenomenon which is strongly related to brain. Diabetes mellitus, spinal cord issues, damaged or leaking nerves, obesity, insignificant blood circulation, truncated level of testosterone, abnormal psychological issues, Parkinson’s disease, prostate related issues such as prostate surgery, hypertension etc are some of the men’s health conditions  that may cause erectile dysfunction in men. It is also believed that regular access intake of alcohol and smoking habit may also lead to male impotence. One of the rare causes of erectile dysfunction or male impotence is side effects caused due to other medications.

Though the condition was initially solely linked with psychological abnormalities, it is now confirmed that adverse physical factors are major contributor that causes male impotence. There are numerous studies conducted to analyze this issue and its root cause. However, one core phenomenon that results in ED was discovered to be insignificant blood circulation. It was found that due to hindered blood flow into the penile area the phallus does not expands. The erectile function takes place when there is a sufficient amount of relevant chemical secreted in the body which relaxes penile muscles and dilate arteries (blood vessels).  Concurrently, the blood flow into the penile region increases and the flow into the corpora cavernous causes engorgement of phallus which we call erection. The engorgement results in compression of nerves that allows blood to flow out of the phallus; hence, due to retention of blood in the corpora cavernous, men are able to preserve the erection.

Lowered or insufficient physical activity as well as inappropriate diet may also result in erectile dysfunction. It is also believed that appropriate erection indicates good overall health of an individual. It was studied that a man who experiences at least three seminal fluid discharges during climax in a week is at reduced risk of heart issues as compared to those who indulge in sexual activity less often.

Erectile dysfunction or male impotence can be an alarming signal of possible disease that may afflict your health. For instance, when atherosclerosis starts developing in the bloodstreams it develops in form of clods or clots which hinders the blood flow. The hindered blood circulation may lead to erectile dysfunction; hence, it can be considered as a warning of forthcoming physical issue.

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