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  • Mynetpharma.com is an online or mail order pharmacy and only sells the medicines online and is not involved in manufacturing of these drugs.
  • It is always best to take a consultation of your healthcare expert before buying any medicine from Mynetpharma.com.
  • We are not answerable to any medical information provided on the website. Furthermore, this e-pharmacy is not liable for answering about any doctor’s guidelines as prescribed by the physician about to the dosage and use of the drug since mynetpharma.com is an online pharmacy.
  • Mynetpharma.com is not responsible for any injury or serious consequences subsequent to intake of drugs sold at the site.
  • The content present on this online pharmacy website is strictly for informational purpose and is not to be considered as medical advice. This info is not meant for diagnosis, prescribing, or treating any medical condition. Any statements of the information available on the website should not be used as a substitute to physician’s consultancy. It is highly suggested that you go to a doctor before implementing any dietary or lifestyle alterations or before taking any medicines in the form of a treatment.
  • Only people who are over or of 18 years of age can buy products from Mynetpharma.com
  • Mynetpharma is not responsible for any damages to the order or the package that occur in the customs department.
  • In no way, we recommend or prescribe these products or any of the drugs to the customers. The purchasers are exclusively accountable for any benefits or side effects subsequent to intake of drugs sold at mynetpharma.com
  • The sole reason behind the low prices of all the drugs is that all the medicines are generic and are procured in the bulk quantities from the leading pharma companies across the world and are directly made available to the customers.
  • We work with an aim to provide inexpensive healthcare facilities and services without compromising on the quality to people of all the financial and socioeconomic status.
  • We recommend strictly against self-modulation of any dose of any drug without consent of a healthcare expert.
  • Mynetpharma.com is not liable for any refund if the customer returns the drug because of incorrect information provided by him/her
  • If you receive an incorrect drug or the delivery is made to a wrong postal address due to our fault, then mynetpharma.com will reship the order. Note that mynetpharma.com will process the reshipping only if the customer presents correct claims.
  • Availability of all the drugs depend on the stock of mynetpharma.com
  • Prices are subject to change without prior intimation
  • Customers can request for order cancellation or any change in drug within 24 hours of ordering the same. Refund or cancellation post the shipping of drug will not be accepted.
  • If the refund and charge back requests fail to meet the required terms and conditions, then the requests would be annulled.
  • Any product, stat, or representation about a service or product ought to be verified with the respective manufacturer or party in question.
  • Mynetpharma.com in no way claims that the drugs sold at the site are free from defects and will work as per the customer’s expectations in a positive manner always. Therefore, it is intensely desirable to pursue proper prescription from a recognized physician prior to ordering the drugs.

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