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Privacy Policy

We have drafted our privacy policy keeping in mind the benefits and better good of our customers. The goal of our privacy policy is to defend every personal data of each customer who shops at mynetpharma.com

Below is the detailed explanation of our privacy policy:

No marketing calls or emails

We absolutely support and value time of all our customers. Along these lines, we never make undesirable/irritating marketing calls neither we sent promotional mails or messages to our customers. The messages we sent are in regards to the purchases only. Indeed, limited time messages (bulletins) are sent to individuals, who subscribe for the same.

No tampering with confidentiality

As we have confidence in keeping up preeminent business morals and benchmarks, we render additional care with regards to secrecy. We never uncover or share your contact number, email address, charge card details, address, and name, and so on to any outsider at all. We use the points of interest given by you just to process the order and is not used for any other purpose.

Zero spamming

Sharing the contact details of the customers is the thing we are strictly against and hence we ensure zero spamming to all our customers.


The logos, images, content, etc. available on the website is the solitary asset of mynetpharma.com and are not copied from any other site. One needs providing a printed or written application for using any of the logo, content or image from the website. All trademarks and copyrights are legal and any unapproved use is strictly prohibited.

Any one is always welcome to contact customer support team in case they need any kind of help.

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