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OTC medications, also called as over-the-counter medications are those medicines which cure number of diseases of diverse category. These medicines can be procured without a prescription of a doctor. We have a range of OTC medications which are as follows.

Overcome Allergies, Pain with help of Over The Counter Medicine

  • Generic Allegra

    Generic Allegra

    $0.72 / per Pill

  • Generic Ecotrin(Aspirin)

    Generic Ecotrin(Aspirin)

    $1.03 / per Pill

  • Generic Loratadine

    Generic Loratadine

    $0.86 / per Pill

  • Generic Nicorette

    Generic Nicorette

    $1.45 / per Pill

  • Generic prilosec

    Generic prilosec

    $0.83 / per Pill

  • Generic Zantac

    Generic Zantac

    $0.83 / per Pill

  • Generic Zyrtec

    Generic Zyrtec

    $0.83 / per Pill

Doctor Prescription Required

for some medicines